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    Portable pc case atx The 300R provides a remarkable number of features in a compact chassis. Despite its smaller form factor this case allows a double slot GPU up to 10 inches or 267mm in length. As you can see in the picture the Bitfenix Prodigy is more than a little bit bigger than the CM 130 above. Your next Mini-ITX or MicroATX build belongs in the Carbide Series Air 240 PC case. Gamers and enthusiasts are now proud to display their systems on their desks. The doors are equally simple to reattach, making maintenance and cleaning easy. The sleek small cube-shaped chassis is optimized for powerful air- or water-cooling configurations while still having space for a jumbo graphics card — or two. Besides, there are removable ODD and FDD racks to make installation of water cooling system portable pc case atx as well. What should I look for when buying a computer case? Despite its small size this computer chassis is able to host dual hard drives, dual SSDs, dual full-length graphics cards and liquid CPU cooling. Design For Design, it has a sleek looking black finish along with a mesh front panel for increased airflow. By the by, you can also fit a water cooling system but to do this you will need to remove the upper two HDD-cages. Any more recommendations for a portable PC? It has a lot of the benefits of the more boxy designs without the height requirement. Its thick aluminum construction, locking mechanisms, and reinforced corners keep delicate components safe from bumps and pokes. Is this a gaming rig for something like a lan party usage? However, every possible part uses thumbscrews or tool-free fasteners. As you can see in the picture, the case is naturally cooled by its generous mesh design. While the most direct heat removal duties fall to CPU fans and heat sinks, the more general cooling duty of keeping down ambient temperature falls to the PC Chassis. Portable pc case atx But what about others. Read our for more info. The keyboard folds in front of the display and also has an integrated touch pad. Phanteks accomplished this feat by inverting the motherboard and including a reversible GPU mount that allows you to install your graphics card vertically behind the motherboard. The HAF XB EVO seems to be the most convienient size and shape for travel, and it can be modded very easily to have 8 pci slots. You may need to make a couple of compromises when it comes to liquid cooling, but the BitFenix Portal is still an excellent choice for all sorts of builds.

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