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    Firefox portable video cache Теперь нужно объяснить браузеру, что мы перенесли его профиль и кеш в другое место. It keeps track of all your open windows and tabs and can restore your session if Firefox should crash. Запустите Мозиллу и прописав в адресной строке: about:config создайте: browser. Enter 32768 for 32MB, 65536 for 64MB, 131072 for 128MB, etc. Firefox Portable - Does it leave any trace at all? The only remedy at that point is to close Firefox and restart it, which clears the in-memory DNS cache. There is a portable version with reduced cache size. Doing this allows Firefox to load pages that you visit regularly or at least once faster, which can improve performance dramatically. Firefox is amazingly fast and blocks pop-ups, some viruses and spyware, but also gives the user an extraordinary power of customization through a well-developed add-on manager. I definitly would NOT cache any version of Firefox over 4 to a usb drive because they are too slow and with the new complicated cache structure would probably crash because of the reads and writes would be so slow. Install it if you need. As you go through all the suggestions. They use Firefox version 31. Browse quickly, securely, and effortlessly. Its worth noting that this also finds and allows extraction of Audio files since version 1. С изменениями в рамках системы, пожалуй, всё. I just added the setting and left it at 0, and switching between being on a VPN and being off a VPN is now seamless. Can you link to source for this information or better yet to definitive answer? But if a server is already being bombarded, these settings do help push to the front of the line. Or keep them disabled until you really need them. Together with a few other tweaks. Firefox portable video cache Зачем это может быть нужно. Free This is the portable version of the popular Mozilla Firefox web browser. As with the session restore, though, it results in additional writes to the drive. Должно работать теперь из новой папки. The videos would go into your cache which you can set to whatever you want. This value is the amount of time the browser waits before it acts on information it recieves. I suggest something like 150MB as a good compromise value for everyone.

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